Are you a Leader?

Most people think that leadership requires a title or position at work but that’s not the case.  A leader is someone who can influence and inspire others, or someone that leads a family, a company, a church or a sports team.  Leadership competencies are essential in all of our roles at work and at home.  Experience our leadership curricula and prepare to be motivated, inspired and affirmed as a leader.Leadership Development - Impaco Leadership


Leadership Development

Leadership is a key competency that employers want in new recruits. Executives and recruiters are looking for people who demonstrate trustworthiness, creativity, empathic listening, problem solving and a myriad of other skills needed to succeed in the marketplace.  IMPACTO Leadership offers courses to help people develop practical leadership skills to enhance their engagement and commitment at work.   Participants are able to learn new skills and practical application techniques to become more effective professionals.  They can design a vision for their future and identify some goals that they want to accomplish.  By providing a safe space, leaders and staff are able to discuss their challenges with each other and learn best practices for resolving those challenges.  This process is truly eye-opening and transformational for both leaders and employees.


How it Works

After an initial interview with the client and an assessment of your needs, IMPACTO Leadership will work with you to decide what courses and content would best suit your organizational and/or team’s needs.

“Soft skills,” like creating an effective agenda, facilitating a productive meeting, building team spirit and trust, providing effective feedback, manifesting your vision and celebrating people’s accomplishments, are just some skills that our courses cover for leadership mastery.

Our courses are practical, experiential and very interactive.  The delivery of these courses can be in English or Spanish.  The courses can also be customized to meet the organization’s specific needs, both in content and timeframes (for example, one to three day courses, or one week retreats).  Organizations can choose to offer courses on-site or we can develop an off-site management retreat with desired topics for a specific audience.  We conduct training and coaching in the U.S. and abroad.


Some clients who have benefited from our teaching and facilitation:

Adelante Mujer Latina Conference (Latino Youth)

Capital One

Duarte Chamber of Commerce

Duty Free Shops

Greater El Monte Community Hospital


Hewlett Packard

Kaiser Permanente

UCLA Medical Center-Olive View


Training Programs:

  • Impactful Leadership (2-3 day program)
  • 8 Practices of Impactful Leaders (2-3 day program)
  • Create Your Legacy (1-2 day program)
  • Managing skills for New Supervisors/Managers (2 day program)
  • Attitudinal Change in the Workplace (1 day course)
  • Time Management and Workplace Organization Tools (2 day program)
  • Intercultural Communication for a Diverse Workplace (4-8 hour modules)