Ms. Haro was born in Mexico and came to this country as a young child.  She grew up valuing education and dreaming of going to college to empower herself and her family.  As a role model, she has influenced several members of her own family to pursue a higher education, and that has been a huge personal fulfillment.

She is passionate about human development because she believes everyone is unique and brings a wealth of talents to the workplace and to life experiences.  Yolanda strongly believes that people can change and transform by becoming aware of habits and behaviors that no longer serve the individual.  By building skills and having a will to evolve, people can experience a transformational process and reach higher levels of skills, satisfaction and maturity.  When individuals change and grow, so does an organization, a group or a community.

The butterfly, on the logo, is an inspirational metaphor for complete metamorphosis.  It is a great symbol for this possibility.  Just as a butterfly looks nothing like it did when it was a caterpillar, the landscape of the human soul goes through the same kind of gradual evolution.  We all have this power to change and transform to our ideal selves.

Like the butterfly, Yolanda too has evolved in her life and loves to facilitate an empowering process where other people can do the same.  She impacts people through her passion, personal conviction and her enthusiastic demeanor.

“Life is a Journey” and Yolanda wants to walk with you on that precious experience.

This is truly her passion.

Yolanda lives in Southern California with her family. When Yolanda is not teaching or coaching you can find her on the dance floor dancing to salsa music. In addition to dancing, you will find her writing her Memoir or enjoying time at the beach.

You can contact me any with your questions and comments