Today we have become a global community.  We see multiculturalism in our communities, the office, playgrounds and in our social settings.  The richness of people and cultures is magnificent and complex at the same time.  With the change in demographics in the workplace, sometimes working with people of other cultures and languages can be challenging.  This is where IMPACTO Leadership comes in to provide perspective and tools for valuing this diversity.

Issues of racism, stereotypes and discrimination are alive in some workplace environments, especially where Latinos and other minorities work.  This situation eats away at employee morale, motivation, and their productivity.  Companies  can suffer from retention issues, negative company reputation and loss in profits.

How it Works

Diversity - Impacto LeadershipIMPACTO Leadership provides programs that address these issues by increasing awareness, personal exploration, cultural sensitivity and diversity training to both the leaders and employees.  The purpose is to set the foundation for mutual respect and human dignity in order to create a healthy working environment for everyone and thus flourish as a company.

Training Programs:

  • Intercultural Communication Skills
  • Valuing Diversity in the Workplace
  • Flourish with Diversity – A Self-Exploration Journey