Customer Service at Coffee Shop

Got Satisfied Customers?

This is the end result that we all want as businesses and service providers.  Customer service is a perception, and the customer decides depending on how their experience was in your store, hospital, or on the phone with one of your representatives. Customer Service - Impacto Leadership  Their experience is the key word.  Customers know if they got great customer service by how they feel.  We want them to always feel satisfied with our service.  Our courses are designed to build awareness and help employees and leaders develop skills so we can offer great service and build customer loyalty.

Do you depend on customers to stay in business?

If you answered YES, take a look at our course offerings and Stay in Business !

Customer service excellence has become the goal for almost every industry in business today.  Customers expect service providers to offer excellent service by meeting their needs to their satisfaction.  This accountability demands a new look at how people do their jobs, their relationships with internal and external customers/partners and new ways to meet the bottom line.  Excellent customer service is in the eye of the beholder.  Customers want sensitivity, a good attitude,  someone who will truly listen with empathy and communicate in their language.  This approach can make the difference between losing or gaining a customer and staying in business.

We offer a dozen courses that help people build competencies and awareness to meet customer expectations.

Our Customer Service courses include:

Customer Service - Impacto Leadership

  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • Building an Winning Team
  • Positive Attitude in the Workplace
  • Values and Ethics
  • Managing Time
  • Organizing our Work Environment
  • Stress Management for Better Living
  • Conflict Management
  • Creating Buy-in Through Decision-Making and Solving Problems
  • Managing Change in Organizations and in Life
  • Creating Trust and Engagement