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Life Coach

Do you tend to live in the past, holding on to grudges, disappointments or past mistakes (regrets)? Aspiring people have a coach to help them achieve success in various areas of their lives.
Influence in Leadership Development with a diversity of people

Influence in Leadership

Most people think that leadership requires a title or position at work but that’s not the case. A leader is someone who can influence and inspire others or someone that leads a family, a company.


Customer Service

Got Satisfied Customers? This is the end result that we all want as businesses and service providers. Customer service is a perception, and the customer decides depending on how their experience was.

About Yolanda Haro

Yolanda started IMPACTO Leadership to help individuals and organizations become more conscious, live their personal mission and serve others with commitment.

As a presenter/public speaker, Yolanda has conducted numerous seminars nationally and internationally at leadership conferences, executive retreats and motivational engagements

She can capture the audiences that range from CEOs to professional staff to factory workers and members of the community and influence.


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