Aspiring people have a coach to help them achieve success in various areas of their lives …

  • Career
  • Education
  • Finances
  • Health and Fitness
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Work/Life Balance

Let’s meet and uncover all the possible open doors that can fulfill your expectations.

Life Coach

A Life Coach can help you navigate through life’s transitions and questions with compassion and wisdom.  We all have found ourselves in complex emotional states that we want to change but sometimes we don’t know how or we just need support.  Life coaching is about walking hand-in-hand with a fellow-human being in this journey of change, healing and personal transformation.  It is a delicate process.  It is worth taking.  We can create a new vision, change our perception and gain the courage to change the things we can.  Consequently, we can be at peace with ourselves and able to relate to others in a different way.

Life and Executive Coaching is a one-on-one process in which coachee and coach agree to meet on specific dates and times that are convenient for you.  A coach is a partner who is interested in your success.  A coach works with you in the preset moment to help identify what is truly important to you and identify ways and resources to improve your awareness, performance and reach your goals.

The process in on-going and can take from five sessions to thirty sessions or more, depending on the issues, client efforts, and client’s time commitment.

A holistic approach is taken to explore issues at a mental, physical and social-emotional level.  In other words, we explore how you are doing in your mind, body and soul.  All conversations are confidential.  My goal is to guide and support you in this discovery process and facilitate understanding and healing.


Here are some questions to consider to see if coaching is right for you.  If you answer YES to any of the following questions, or if you connect with some of these topics, then you will benefit from coaching.

  1. Are you feeling confused and stuck in a rut?Life Coaching for Individuals
  2. Have you lost inspiration due to a difficult life transition?
  3. Are you trying to find your way after being laid-off, or staring a new job?
  4. Do you want to change careers or be promoted but lack clarity about next steps?
  5. Are you in a relationship that no longer satisfies you?
  6. Are you discontent regardless of your big salary and impressive title?
  7. Are you asking, “What do I want to do when I grow up?”

Life Coaching for Executives can include these questions or topics:

Life Coaching for Executives
  • How do I motivate others or myself?
  • How do I create team spirit and engagement?
  • Have we established a trust-based culture where people can speak out?
  • How do I present myself as an influential leader?
  • What am I passionate about in my life?
  • What legacy do I want to create?
  • How do I create a healthy relationship with my business partners?